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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hello-Lucky Life green is good

This morning while I was rushing around getting ready for work, something gave me pause. I started thinking, "why am I rushing, I have time, just slow down," so I did just that. I took a few minutes to hang out in the front yard and watch my dogs roll in the grass, then clip some cuttings from the yard for a bouquet to take to the shop. My whole day was transformed. After I got to the shop, I added to cuttings from the garden out front to the arrangement, and now these beauties sit on my desk as a reminder of this morning.

Portia of Leyendecker Landscape ( just stop in the shop to pick up some goodies and we started talking about sustainable landscaping. Portia specializes in organic, sustainable, greenscape landscaping. Interesting how when I take the time, my day can align with my interests.

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  1. It was so nice hanging out with you and Melissa visiting and talking about so many interesting things. Thanks for making my day so much fun XO