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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hello-Lucky Life green is good

This morning while I was rushing around getting ready for work, something gave me pause. I started thinking, "why am I rushing, I have time, just slow down," so I did just that. I took a few minutes to hang out in the front yard and watch my dogs roll in the grass, then clip some cuttings from the yard for a bouquet to take to the shop. My whole day was transformed. After I got to the shop, I added to cuttings from the garden out front to the arrangement, and now these beauties sit on my desk as a reminder of this morning.

Portia of Leyendecker Landscape ( just stop in the shop to pick up some goodies and we started talking about sustainable landscaping. Portia specializes in organic, sustainable, greenscape landscaping. Interesting how when I take the time, my day can align with my interests.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello-Lucky Life inspired by work of Edgar Allan Poe

What is the Hello-Lucky Life? Well, I think I am having the great fortune to live it, just not sure I can put it into words. Hopefully lots of images of the amazing people we meet and the events we get to see and participate in will help define it, or not. A Lucky Life is a life worth living and mostly it is a matter of perspective.

Thursday October 14, 5:30-7:30pm we will celebrate the Life of Edgar Allan Poe with an exhibition inspired by his work. Local Houston artists include Melissa Bauman, Anita Hassan, Matt Trimble and Kevin Jefferies.

Last night I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Anita just hanging out and eating nachos at Bohemeo's in my neighborhood (The Greater East End in good ol' Houston Texas). It was one of those perfect evenings, spending time outside, a slight cool breeze, nachos and girl time. xox You are amazing, you are